About Lake Country Jewelers

Our Mission:

As a full service jeweler servicing Southeastern Wisconsin, Lake Country Jewelers specializes in custom-made jewelry and custom wedding and engagement rings. We believe your jewelery should be as special as you are. Looking to have your modern, vintage or antique watch serviced? We are also a watch repair and service facility. Our certified watchmakers have the skills, tools and knowledge to service any watch, be it American, Swiss or anything in between. We truly appreciate every customer, and it shows in the way our staff greets you as you walk in the door or call on the phone. We look forward to helping you with your fine jewelry purchase.

The Lake Country Jewelers Story

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeff Forslund, founder of Lake Country Jewelers and its Master Watchmaker, opened his first watch repair business, Time Doctors, in 1988 after years appreciating the art of timekeeping and watchmaking.  Time Doctors specialized in watch repair and clock repair services out of a home-based workshop.

To fill a need expressed by his clients and with a desire to expand from watch repair into a full service jewelry store, in 1993 Jeff established Lake Country Jewelers, Ltd, which Jeff says: “The Lord Jesus Christ blessed from the very first day and gets all the Glory.”  Located in downtown Delafield, Wisconsin, the first home of Lake Country Jewelers had a traditional downtown jeweler atmosphere.

As the success of Lake Country Jewelers’ jewelry and watchmaking services grew so did the need for a larger retail space.  In 1995 Jeff purchased a former Ace Hardware Store building next door to the original location.  After a complete gutting and renovation of the space, the new Lake Country Jewelers opened in the summer of 1995.

From that summer, Jeff says: “The Delafield store grew tremendously to a point I was not able to spend time with my family and needed to change life priorities.”  In 2004 Lake Country Jewelers moved from the Delafield location to our current location for a special destination-style retail experience.  A purpose-designed store with retail space and custom jewelry making, jewelry repair and watchmaking workshops was built on a farm atmosphere in Pewaukee.

Quality of craftsmanship, professionalism and using the right tool for the right job have always been ideals at the center of Jeff’s work as well as hallmarks of Lake Country Jewelers.  In that respect, after much research and listening to the advice of the Swiss Watchmakers whose watches Lake Country Jewelers service, the new Lake Country Jewelers workshop and retail store feature environmental air handling for humidity, air cleanliness, and temperature and correct lighting for an optimal work environment.

Our store and workshops have the required equipment (and far beyond) to provide the exact type of service you would receive and expect if you chose to send the watch in for service to a factory service center in Switzerland and to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to rival the finest brands.

Our watch repair facilities are inspected periodically to insure compliance with the highest Swiss watchmaking standards.  But, we maintain our facilities in a state beyond the required specifications.  We do so not out of fear for being out of compliance, but out of the pride we take in our work and the code all Lake Country Jewelers work by to produce the finest work possible.

Lake Country Jewelers is the premier Southeastern Wisconsin location for custom jewelry; custom wedding rings, engagement rings and bridal jewelry; Swiss watch repair; antique watch repair and timepiece and jewelry sales.  Contact us at 1.262.695.9028, via email at LakeCountryJewelers@Gmail.com or via our Contact Page here.

Additional LCJ Services

Lake Country Jewelers offers the following additional repair and machining services.

  • Micro Machining of small parts in Steel and Stainless steel for all industries on a contract basis.
  • Micro assembly of small assemblies for all industries on a contract basis.
  • Micro Welding of small assemblies and components in Gold, Platinum, Silver, Steel, Stainless steel, other metals.
  • Traditional goldsmithing and platinum-smithing workshop and equipment.
  • Engraving
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Sharpening of micro edged tooling.