Buying Guide

Gold or platinum, diamonds or colored gemstones… Lake Country Jewelers has the expertise to help you find or create the perfect piece of jewelry.  There are many options when buying jewelry with many metals, styles and gems to choose from.

This jewelry buying guide can help you get started with what you need to know when buying diamond and gold jewelry or selecting a color gemstone.

The Lake Country Jewelers buying guide can help you to confidently navigate the world of jewelry, but if you have questions, our staff is here to help.

Diamond Guide

Each diamond is unique, endowed with a personality and character all its own. A complex blend of subtle characteristics that cannot be imitated. The brilliance, the sparkle, the dance of light and color released from every diamond is the miraculous reflection of the very fires of creation. These characteristics come from a diamond’s color, cut and clarity. More Info.



Gem Guide

From the dawn of time, people have believed that various gemstones possess mystical, magical powers. Many gems are designated as “birthstones” and are believed to represent certain virtues and personality traits related to the Zodiac signs and astrological forces. Whatever your beliefs, the sheer beauty of these gems can create a magic all their own. More Info.



Gold Guide

It is important to always look for a karat mark when choosing gold jewelry (18k, 14k or 10k). This information will be stamped somewhere on the piece and is your assurance your are buying REAL gold. The karat mark refers to the purity of gold. In its purest state, 24 karat, is generally considered too soft for practical use in jewelry. More info.